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Learn From Any Advertiser's Media Buying Strategy

The Advertiser Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of any advertiser’s media buying strategy. See their most successful publishers, networks, ad types and more. Uncover new traffic sources and placements that are already working for advertisers in your industry, plus estimated ad spend down to the dollar amount.

See Top Performing Publisher Categories


View the specific categories of publishers where competitors spend their ad dollars. Discover profitable publisher categories you might not have yet tested.

Uncover New Advertisers & Competitors


Discover unknown competitors and new advertisers to learn from inside of the "Similar Advertisers" panel.

Get Traffic Source Recommendations


Don't waste time hunting for new traffic sources. Get instant recommendations for publishers and placements inside of the "Recommended Publishers"? panel.

Analyze Monthly Spend Trends


See monthly spending patterns and trends. Identify when competitors ramp up and slow down spending. Use this information to buy traffic during more profitable time periods.

Monitor Daily & Weekend Spending


See any competitor’s daily and weekend ad budget. Discover whether or not weekend traffic is profitable for your business.

Drill Down By Country & Device


Sort all advertiser data by country and device type. Power up your mobile and international campaigns by accessing advertiser data for 4+ device types and 20+ different countries.

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Run Higher Converting Ad Creative

Develop your creative strategy with insights from the Top Ads tab. Browse all creatives and formats -- image, text, flash, and text-image creatives -- for any advertiser. You’ll also get the flight dates, trends, landing pages, and specific publishers for each creative.

Hover over and download any creative in our database. Use these ads to help inspire your internal team or impress clients by sending them the exact creatives that their biggest competitors are successfully using.

See Flight Dates For Any Creative


See flight dates for any competitor’s creative. A longer flight time means a more successful ad.

Spy On Ad Copy Split Tests


Use trend lines to discover which ad creatives have been the most successful. Test out similar creatives with confidence by knowing which style of ads have been declared the "winners".

Uncover Winning A/B Tests


Instead of spending time and money on your own tests, see what other advertisers in your space have tested in the past. Identify winning variants and leverage those insights in your own campaigns.

See Big Brand Campaigns By Product


Big brand advertisers often have multiple products and ad campaigns. See ad campaigns by product and modify your strategy accordingly.

See The Best Publishers For Any Ad


See which creatives are run for each specific publisher. Uncover which styles drive the most traffic.

Ad Copy & Spend For Mobile Devices


See ads for mobile devices and tablets. Perfect for advertisers entering mobile markets or who want fresh ideas for new ad creatives.

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Publisher Data

Adbeat’s Top Publisher tab shows you which publishers your competitors buy the most traffic from.

Leverage this information to spend smarter by testing out publishers that have already been proven to work for the competition.

Learn Which Publishers Work


Publisher trend lines show which publishers drive the most traffic to your competitors. An upward trend line means that a publisher has been profitable for other advertisers in your industry. Test out these publishers in your own campaigns.

See Subdomains & Placement URLs


Discover which specific placement URLs and subdomains on large publishers (like or the Huffington Post) drive the highest converting traffic. Only spend ad dollars on the subdomain or URLs that are proven to convert.

See Ad Tags & Serving Method


Adbeat can show you the ad tags for any publisher. See whether they’re serving DSP, programmatic SSP or any other method. Uncover which ad networks and exchanges are funneling traffic to a given publisher.

Identify Ad Networks & Direct Buys


See how your competitors buy traffic from any publisher. Discover new ad networks and direct buy opportunities.

Best Ads For Any Publisher


See which ads drive the most traffic. Identify the best performing ad styles, sizes, and copy.

Side-by-Side Competitive Analysis


See how your competitor's spending strategy has evolved over time. Use the "Compare" tab to get side-by-side comparisons for up to 8 advertisers. View daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly data on spend and trends..

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See Advertisers That Are Spending on Each Publisher

Get the complete low-down on all advertisers for any publisher. Uncover who’s buying, which network they’re using, and how much they’re spending.

Identify advertisers relevant to your industry who are already spending a significant amount of money with similar vendors, but not with you.

Find Competing Publishers


Use the "Similar Publishers" panel to discover the big players in your industry. Uncover who their biggest clients are and how much they’re spending. Leverage this information to streamline your sales process and close more deals.

Prospect New Advertisers


Use the "Recommended Advertisers" panel to identify similar advertisers. Make the easy sell by finding advertisers that already buy ad space from publishers in your space.

Identify the Biggest Spenders


See which advertisers already spend a significant amount of money with similar vendors, but not with you. By seeing their exact ad creatives, landing pages, and ad spend, you can develop a pitch that’s guaranteed to seal the deal.

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Advanced Keyword Search

Search advertisers, URLs, and creatives by keyword. Adbeat’s powerful search algorithm uses OCR technology to search *inside* ad creatives for relevant keywords. Identify competitors you didn't know about and find the best ad copy for your market.

Data On Over 90+ Ad Networks

Adbeat has data on over 90+ ad networks. Uncover if a network sends profitable traffic before you invest your ad dollars. Adbeat also has data and insights for native ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain.

Export Beautiful PDF or Excel Reports

Create and export actionable reports for clients or your internal team. Your clients will love the quality of data and intelligence that an Adbeat report gives them.

Complete Country & Device Data

Optimize your mobile and international campaigns. Adbeat has data on over 20 different countries and mobile data for 4 different device types.

This tour just scratches the surface with how advertisers, agencies, and publishers use Adbeat to improve their media buying strategy.

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