The online advertising world is the survival of the fittest: react, implement, and evolve... or become extinct.

The difference between success and failure is the speed that you receive up-to-date, accurate data & insights. This’s why Adbeat’s data scientists developed a unique technology that gives you instant access to any competitor’s marketing strategy.

Deep Insights At The Touch of a Button

The "secret sauce" that sets Adbeat a part from all other platforms lies in our trademarked technology, developed by a team of MIT data scientists and programmers.

It all starts with the Adbeat Spider, Crawler, and Collector.

All three work together to crawl and extract data from over 100,000 websites and publishers every single day. Each publisher is visited multiple times per day by the Adbeat Crawler. This means that the data you receive is accurate to within 24 hours.

You have access to real-time data on your competitor’s marketing campaigns, including their top performing publishers, placements, ad copy, landing pages, and estimated ad spend, for both mobile and desktop.

And since the Adbeat Engine works around the clock, you no longer have to wait a month, two months, or next quarter for updated information. It’s now available at the touch of a button.

No other competitive intelligence platform is as fast or as accurate as Adbeat.

Big Data = Big Insights

Our competitors love to talk about "big data".

But big data is only useful when you know what to do with it.

Adbeat's technology not only gives you a real-time repository of advertiser data... but also a revolutionary tool-kit that transforms big data into huge insights.

Our daily workflow involves large scale analytics processing on ads, by publisher, advertiser, network, and ad type/size. Adbeat leverages the power of cloud‐based Hadoop map­‐reduce workflows to perform over 2 billion calculations each week on freshly crawled advertising data.

These workflows are the engine that power our unique feature set, and interface that allows for the various data views, filters, advanced search capability, and even custom recommendations.

Adbeat's data scientists also developed a proprietary methodology to normalize and project the Adbeat sample data to estimate advertiser spend (down to the dollar amount) on display advertising channels.

This approach to modeling ad spend provides marketers with the most accurate data across the largest set of websites in the industry.

No other platform gives you actionable insights like Adbeat, because no other platform has Adbeat's technology.

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