Agencies love Adbeat.  Because Adbeat makes them more valuable to clients.

Real-Time Market Intelligence


Uncover what your client’s competition is doing without having to wait a month, two months, or a quarter for the information to be released. Reduce your response time to new competitor ad campaigns from weeks to less than 24 hours.

More Client Leads & More Deals Closed


Identify advertisers relevant to your industry and reach out to them with a targeted, relevant proposal. By seeing their exact ad creatives, landing pages, and overall strategy, you can develop a pitch that’s guaranteed to seal the deal.

Discover Advertisers Who Are Ready to Buy More


Identify current advertisers who spend a significant amount of money with multiple vendors, but not with you. Capture this "low hanging fruit" and make the easy sale.

Happy Customers

Adbeat is an amazing competitive analysis tool for monitoring the banner advertising investments, creatives, and placement strategy of of key competitors. We’ve found it incredibly helpful for understanding our competitors and new markets we are considering for new clients. We use it all the time.

Matt Van Wagner

President, Find Me Faster

Adbeat is valuable to us as an agency because it makes us a more valuable partner. Anyone who has a substantial budget invested in driving business forward through advertising and marketing would really benefit from Adbeat.

Jennifer Lysaught

VP Media Strategy, IMM

How does leading agency IMM use Adbeat?

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