Advertisers love Adbeat.  Because Adbeat lets them see what competitors are up to.

Uncover Your Competitor's Marketing Strategy


Stop wasting time, money, and resources on traffic sources that don't convert -- let your competitors do the work for you. Discover their most profitable publishers, ad copy and landing pages. Replicate their strategies to run more profitable display campaigns.

Discover New Publishers and Placements


There's nothing worse than buying expensive traffic on a publisher that doesn't convert. Use Adbeat's Publisher Discovery Tool to uncover where competitors and industry leaders are already spending, as well as new sources of high-quality, "undiscovered" traffic.

Identify Converting Ad Copy and Landing Pages


No need to reinvent the wheel. See which ad copy, publishers, and landing pages already work for your industry. Apply these insights to your own marketing strategy and watch as your campaigns improve immediately.

Happy Customers

Adbeat can show us how others in our industry are using digital channels to get their message out, and helps us make smarter decisions about our own messaging and strategy.

Sari Eisendrath

Group Marketing Manager, Brand, Box

Adbeat provides us with quick and easy access to competitive data which gives us greater insight on what the marketplace around us is doing. This allows us to uncover and pursue new growth opportunities that competitors are already taking advantage of.

Brian Lee

Sr. Manager Online Marketing, One Technologies

How does leading advertiser One Technologies use Adbeat?

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